Various - the origin of core - gangsta audiovisuals edition - Explain the various theories of the origin of Universe?

In chemistry , an atom or group of atoms that has at least one electron free to participate in forming a chemical bond .

The Torta Cubana is another take on the classic torta sandwich Mexico has been accredited for. As the name implies by meaning literally the "Cuban Torta", this sandwich is stuffed with a variety of meats that is dependent on where it is being made at. This sandwich should not be confused for the Cuban sandwich by the similar name, the "Cubano" as the two sandwiches are not related. One may have come before the other, but this coincidence in names is not to be taken seriously as the Mexicans decided to name this dish after the street it was invented on, the Calle Republica de Cuba in Mexico City . [5] To add on to the contrasts, the breads used to make the sandwiches are different, and the condiments of the sandwiches varies. The main similarity the two share is that they include meat. In the end, each sandwich is special in its own way, making them a delicious favorite by many.

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These wanderers, and those who are still seen occasionally in the back streets of the metropolis, are said to 'go a-pitching ;' the spot they select for their performance is their 'pitch,' and any interruption of their feats, such as an accident, or the interference of a policeman, is said to 'queer the pitch,'--in other words, to spoil it. [Thomas Frost, "Circus Life and Circus Celebrities," London, 1875]

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Date of Good Friday
The date of Christmas is based on the date of Good Friday, the day Jesus died. Since the exact date of Jesus' death is not stated in the Gospels, early Christians sought to calculate it, and arrived at either March 25 or April 6. Then, wishing to calculate Jesus' birthday, they followed the ancient idea that Old Testament prophets died either an anniversary of their birth or of their conception. In Jesus' case, they reasoned that he died on an anniversary of the Incarnation so the date of his birth would have been nine months after the date of Good Friday-either December 25 or January 6. The date of 25th December became popular.

Various - The Origin Of Core - Gangsta Audiovisuals EditionVarious - The Origin Of Core - Gangsta Audiovisuals EditionVarious - The Origin Of Core - Gangsta Audiovisuals EditionVarious - The Origin Of Core - Gangsta Audiovisuals Edition