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6/24/16 The Conejos is fishing good. The lower river is really buggy with Mayflies, Caddis and stoneflies. The window for dries has been narrow in the early morning but this will improve drastically this week. The meadow fished well today with midges, wire worms, bwo nymphs and rainbow warriors. We should start seeing better mayfly hatches in the meadow soon. If you have waited to fish the Los Pinos don't wait any longer. If we can help with guides, cabin rentals give us a call.

Critical relief efforts are still going on in Florida, Texas, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and elsewhere to recover from September’s series of hurricanes and earthquakes — and this week there’s a way for you to support those efforts just by listening to music !

From October 3rd through 9th, AccuRadio is donating 100% of its profits to a variety of hurricane and earthquake relief charities.

Listening by you and your colleagues will raise additional money for relief efforts because the more listeners AccuRadio has, the more ad revenues it will generate, and thus the more it will be able to donate.

So enjoy the music while you help a very worthy cause!

Publisher Henry Booth Luce of Life and Time magazine fame (later the leading light, along with wife Clare Booth Luce, of the ‘China Lobby’) became an early apologist of Chiang’s butcher gang and of Chiang himself. In its April 25 edition of Time , Luce would have Time declare that the Shanghai Massacre was merely an example of Chiang " impeaching " the leftists. [ 8 ] As Luce was equally a rabid anti-communist I believe it is accurate to say that he was fully informed of the Generalissimo’s Nazi-like operations and therefore, with his defense of Chiang, approved of the massacres undertaken by Chiang and his KMT armies.

One question arising early in the story is why God rejects Cain's sacrifice, since Cain never received instructions about how to sacrifice correctly, nor had he done anything wrong, and why God then admonishes Cain with a warning about sin. The Midrash suggest that although Abel brought the best meat from his flock, Cain did not set aside for God the best of his harvest. [24]

Land of Fire & Ice    
Learn about the fascinating geography and culture of Iceland; a nation of strong women and rugged terrain.    A Journey to Moscow   
At the grand old age of 850, Moscow is now being hailed by the global media as Europe's most exciting capital. With A Journey to Moscow (our first city site) we hope to begin a long and ever-expanding coverage of Russia's top town.   

Other titles by The Cutthroats 9 are still available in limited quantities from Reptilian Records on this website - stockpile sonic ammunition!

9 hours ago; Jordan Feldstein, Maroon 5 Manager and Jonah Hill’s Brother, Dies at 40 ... Cut-Throats Nine . Condenados a vivir (original title) R ...

This is some heavy, noisy sheeyit!  The first thing you might think to yourself is that it’s hard to tell the songs apart.  Yes, it’s true.  They all sound the same upon first listen.  On most of these songs, Spencer just yells everything at the top of his lungs; the one exception being the song “Action Man”, which is the only quintessentially “fun” song on the album.  Don’t get me wrong; I think they’re all fun but it’s the only one with a “yeah!” vibe rather than a “arrrghgghh, fuck you, fuckin’ world!!!” vibe.  I should also stress that either Spencer isn’t the only singer on the album or that he sings in a lower register on a couple of these.  Favorites?  Although I like ’em all, “Cut” and “White Hands” stand out as particularly awesome pieces of angry sludge-grunge.

The Cutthroats 9 - The Cutthroats 9The Cutthroats 9 - The Cutthroats 9The Cutthroats 9 - The Cutthroats 9The Cutthroats 9 - The Cutthroats 9