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But let me just tell you–you’re not . Think of it this way. Our emotions are like the weather. We wake up each morning, open the blinds, and find either sunshine, clouds, rain, wind, or snow. Since our emotions are a product of our experiences, our body’s biochemistry, and our thoughts ( click here for more on this ), we often have little control over the emotions that come our way. Emotions can feel powerful, but, like the weather, can sometimes be impossible to alter. But, also like the weather, we have a choice as to how we deal with the emotions that pop up. If it’s rainy outside, I can choose to stay in and sulk about it, or I can work to put on my galoshes, grab an umbrella, and get out for a while. And who knows? “Getting out” just might lead to a sunnier day.

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Overcast - Grief / FalloutOvercast - Grief / FalloutOvercast - Grief / FalloutOvercast - Grief / Fallout